The focus of Erik and Niels is not pointed towards just one musical style, but it’s taking the crowd on a musical journey. Influenced by genres like reggae(ton), dancehall and house.

Moombahteam brings you an eclectic, energetic and danceable musical experience. After many shows in The Netherlands, Europe and even Asia, Moombahteam has build a worldwide fanbase. This fanbase is part of the Moombahteam family, so; DON’T BE A STRANGER AND JOIN THE FAMILY!


The Moombahteam-sound is characterized by fat basslines, dramatic build-ups and quick drums. Real, analog instruments are recorded and combined with new digital sounds to create the one of a kind Moombahteam sound. This formula has already led to a golden record for the official remake of Ne-Yo’s hit ‘Miss Independent’.

The Moombahteam is a Hip Control guarantee wherever they show up.


Listen to our music and have some good vibes!


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