Moombahteam is created by Dutch DJ and producer Erik Groen. He is well-known for his high quality productions and remixes of world renowned artists. Moombahteam music can be heard in clubs across the Netherlands and abroad. Characteristic for the productions are the details, bass lines and catchy rhythms influenced by Moombahton, Dancehall, Reggae(ton) and Bubbling.

A performance by Moombahteam is energetic and catchy. Erik is an experienced and powerful DJ that really knows how to WOW a crowd.

Millions of streams on Spotify and regular DJ live-sets at Dutch radio stations, makes Moombahteam a popular DJ-act.
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Photograph of Erik Groen Moombahteam

KEI Week 2017
18 / 08 / 17
On stage: 23:30
Groningen, NL
Heinose Pompdagen
19 / 08 / 17
On stage: 0:00
Heinose Pompdagen
Heino, NL

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