This is Moombahteam

Moombahteam is an act from the Netherlands. The combination of real and digital instruments combined with Erik’s oldskool approach of music is what makes Moombahteam unique. Moombahteam is known worldwide as fresh, innovative and always on top of their game. With their catchy, danceable music and high-energy performance a Moombahteam show is one you don’t want to miss!

DJ/Producer Erik

Erik Groen is the creative genius behind Moombahteam. Energetic, positive and genuine he produces tracks with his own signature sound. As an experienced DJ he performs at the highest level, at every gig. A natural born artist with music as second nature, Erik is best described as one of the most driven people bringing a lot of experience and talent to the table.

Mc Gijs

Gijs Schuurmans is one solid mass of positivism and enthusiasm. He is dedicated, loyal and has style. On stage with a microphone in his hand, hyping up the crowd with enthusiasm. It will grab you too.

Upcoming shows

26 / 10 / 16
On stage: 22:00
Poppodium Metropool
Hengelo, NL
29 / 10 / 16
On stage: 1:00
De Albatros
Zwartsluis, NL

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